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North American Lithium Inc., is a Canadian industrial minerals mining company located in Abitibi, near Val d'Or, Quebec. This project is under development with commissioning of an open pit lithium carbonate mine and processing plant nearing completion. The mine is expected to produce approximately 23,000 tonnes of battery grade lithium carbonate on an annualized basis. The high quality product produced from the mine will meet the rapidly growing needs of the portable consumer electronics industry, electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, and grid storage solutions.

- Production and cash flow to commence in 2017

- Fully permitted operation located in Val-d’Or, Quebec – world-class mining jurisdiction

- Over $400 million invested over 9 years providing the short timeline to production

- Commissioning stage using conventional open pit mining/processing technologies

North America’s only near-term lithium producer

What is


Lithium: a short history

The mineral petalite (which contains lithium) was discovered by the Brazilian scientist José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva towards the end of the 18th century while visiting Sweden.

Three Major Markets for Lithium

The primary markets for lithium carbonate are consumer electronics (laptops, iPads, iPods, tablets, cellphones), grid-storage solutions and electric and hybrid vehicles.

The Internal Combustion Engine vs. electromobility

There is a major transformation slowly picking up the pace in the global automotive industry.

A little bit of battery history

Lithium ion batteries are a relatively recent innovation. Scientists and engineers first began working with lithium applications in the 1970s.


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