North American Lithium Inc., is a Canadian industrial minerals mining company located in Abitibi, near Val d'Or, Quebec. This project is under development with commissioning of an open pit lithium carbonate mine and processing plant nearing completion. The mine is expected to produce approximately 23,000 tonnes of battery grade lithium carbonate on an annualized basis. The high quality product produced from the mine will meet the rapidly growing needs of the portable consumer electronics industry, electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, and grid storage solutions.
Battery-grade lithium carbonate
La Corne Township, 60 km north of Val d'Or, Quebec
Size of property:
19 claims, 405 hectares

Premier Mining Jurisdiction

North American Lithium Inc. is located in the northeast corner of La Corne Township, approximately 38 km southeast of Amos, 15 km west of Barraute and 60 km north of Val d'Or. Access to the site is via a paved road from Val d'Or, a mining friendly community that has over 100 years of mining history and a population of some 32,000 people. The city hosts an airport and significant support infrastructure. Quebec is one of the top-rated mining jurisdictions in the world and electricity costs, a key input in mining operations, are among the lowest in North America.


    ► A great place to mine

    ► Ranked as one of the top 10 mining jurisdictions in the world by the Fraser Institute

    ► Low tax rate

    ► Low energy costs


    ► Population of ~35,000

    ► Abundance of skilled mining labour

North American Lithium Site:

    ► The NAL mine is about 60 km north of Val-d'Or

    ► 38km southeast of Amos, 15km west of Barraute

    ► Excellent regional and site infrastructure in place

         - Natural gas, hydropower, highways, rail, air access

New Mine Plan

Drilling Campaign:

  • Infill drilling
  • Confirm previous drilling and data
  • Provide strong confirmation of the first two years of mining
  • Potential to significantly increase minable reserves by removal of lake restriction

  • Project History Snapshot

    Significant Time and Capital Invested

    Specialist Consultant Teams



    Toronto Corporate Office:

    130 Adelaide St. W,
    Suite 3420, Toronto,
    Ontario, Canada M5H 3P5

    Montreal Office:

    1010 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest,
    Suite 2400, Montréal,
    Quebec, Canada H3A 2R7

    Site Office:

    500 Lithium Route, La Corne,
    Quebec, Canada J0Y 1R0
    Tel: 819-734-5000